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   Fifteen men on a Dead Man's Chest, Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest, Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Who are your Piratemania Crew?  

Here’s a little bit about ourselves

Hi I’m Steve and I started caching in 2005

Caching team name: Madyokel

Finds: 2499

Favourite Pirate: Blackbeard

Favourite Pirate saying: Make them walk the plank

Position in Crew: Reader of the magic Compass

Steve Bolam

Bob  Aston

ob  Aston

Hi I’m Deano and I started caching in April 2005

Caching team name: Big Fish

Finds: 9000+

Favourite Pirate: Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts

Favourite Pirate saying: Son of a Biscuit Eater.

Position in Crew: Commander of the Nights Watch

Hi I’m Bob and I started caching in 2005.

Caching team name: Lollybob (along with Lolls)

Finds: 4500+

Favourite Pirate: Jack Sparrow

Favourite Pirate saying: Aaaarrrr!

Position in Crew: Leading hand for Rum and fun

Hi I’m Chris and I started caching in 2010.

I’m the Design and Marketing Partner at NE Geocaching Supplies

Caching team name: The Lambs @ 9

Finds: 1777

Favourite Pirate: Long John Silver

Favourite Pirate saying: You’ll dance the hempen jig

Position in crew: Web & shop design..IT & general powder monkey

Chris Johnson

Iain “Deano” Dean

Hi I’m Maria and I started caching in 2006  

Caching team name: Marikat

Finds: 350

Favourite Pirate: Anne Bonny

Favourite Pirate saying: Aaaarrrr

Position in Crew: Chief booking in pirates and ships

Maria Bolam Lolls Marshall

 Hi I’m Lolls and I started caching in 2005

Caching team name: Lollybob (along with Bob)

Finds: 4500+

Favourite Pirate: Grace O’Malley

Favourite Pirate saying: Shiver me timbers

Position in Crew: Quartermaster with the loudest voice

Our temporary crew

Mad Hatter & Muddy legs - John & Sue Phillimore

Tallone - Tim Hull

The Fuzzy Bears - Dave & Sue Pyecroft

CnJnA - Clare Barlow & Jeff Schofield,

Steve & Sarah Atherton burrows

Coinkezza - Kerry Watson

&Ruby - Alison Cooke

Mollyjak Lilian & Anthony Maud

Lanies Phil Langford

Sir Rob & Pam Philip Wright & Crew

Racheal Lillian

John Bourne

The crew would also like to thank the following people