• Camper / Caravan / Multi occupancy pitch 2024

Camper / Caravan / Multi occupancy pitch (2024):

Price is: PER NIGHT Per pitch as shown for 2 adults and children under 18.

A 10m x 10m pitch - berthing with choice of berth (on booking).

Each additional adult costs £8 per night

Belay me hearties, camping is now OPEN for Piratemania 16 - 2024

Please read the following information before booking - IT IS IMPORTANT

Ahoy shipmates, gentlemen and ladies o' fortune ye may book yer overnight from Thursday 25th July 2024 berth...In accordance with code set down by th' pirates Morgan and Bartholomew we expect no tradin' o' bounty, maidens or grog before ye're settled in port.

If you have any issues please contact the Piratemania Crew.

If you have held over camping from 2023 you will be issued a discount voucher to use

We ask that you add the following to your booking:

#1 Please choose the amount of days / nights you would like to camp with us

You have 4 options to choose

Dates displayed are INCLUSIVE

We are open on the following days

Thursday 25th July 2024
Friday 26th July 2024
Saturday 27th July 2024
Sunday 28th July 2024

If you choose to camp for 2 nights please ignore Camp for 3 and 4 nights etc.

Camp for 2 nights
Camp for 3 nights
Camp for 4 nights

The date you would like to start your camping
You have 4 options to choose

If you would like an EHU connection
This is a simple yes or no and is based on a flat rate whether you camp for 1 night or 4 nights

Will you be berthing with any additional adults overnight?
Please choose your extra crew or not from the drop down

Your NAME as it appears on your payment account: to aid our payment system especially if your account is still in your maiden name

Number of Pirates in your party - please indicate the number of Pirates in your group - this is for the correct allocation of wrist bands

Please add any preferences you have: e.g. you wish to pitch next to another party or you wish to be located in a quieter area. We will try and accommodate all requests, but we CANNOT guarantee this (this is not applicable to smaller pitches). In addition, we are UNABLE to locate None EHU pitches next to EHU pitches.

Geocaching name associate with your camping booking (Your Geocaching Team name)

Where you prefer to camp (we will try to accommodate your request but this is not guaranteed)

The Team I would like to support (not compulsory)

Are you bringing any pets to Piratemania? We will try and do our best (but cannot guarantee) not to put your dodo next to any hungry sailors or your ships cat next to your bilge rats.

In order that we comply with current banking practice payment for camping for Pirates resident in the UK is by Bank transfer ONLY.

When paying by Bank Transfer please put YOUR ORDER NO: then YOUR SURNAME as a reference.

If space is limited in the payment reference box at your bank your order no: will suffice.


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Camper / Caravan / Multi occupancy pitch 2024

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