Terms & Conditions

We honour the code set down by th' pirates Morgan and Bartholomew we expect no tradin' o' bounty, maidens or grog before ye're settled in port, and yea' are expect to follow these simple Pirates rules.

Please display your ship pennant (your coloured tag) at all times. Solo campers will have a different coloured Tag. By the eyes of Davey Jones if you don't display your pennant or you display the wrong pennant your will be charge again.....THIS WILL BE RIGOROUSLY ENFORCED BY THE PRESS GANG....NO multi crew rowing boats in your berth...Please be fair to all our Pirate attendees.

A camping discount is available for ATTENDEES without electricity

NO Fire pits are allowed on the site at any time.

NO "BBQ's" to be placed on the ground at any time

NO Personal generators at any time (remember the noise can disturb those Pirates under canvas)

Please DO NOT empty your toilet waste in the on site toilets- there are specific waste points located for disposing of toilet waste

These rules have been given to us by the 2019 site owners. Please remember as attendees you are representing the UK Geocaching community.

Legal indemnity:

Geocaching and other location-based activities or other location-based activities, where you may risk property damage, bodily injury or death can be dangerous and may take you to difficult to access or potentially treacherous locations. You MUST always exercise common sense and caution and consider other factors when engaging in location-based activities. These include but are not limited to; fitness level, ability and terrain and weather. Always be prepared and check the current conditions before heading outdoors.

By purchasing from us or participating in Piratemania and therefore, agreeing to our Term & Conditions you assume all risks associated with hiding, seeking or use of the products we supply. You also agree to release Piratemania, any Piratemania officials and associated volunteers from any legal or personal responsibility thereof.

By Participating in Piratemania you also agree to the Terms of use Groundspeak, Inc. which can be viewed at this link